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Electric cars are a currently viable alternative to conventionally gasoline powered cars because they are efficient, significantly less complex, more reliable, environmentally friendly, and cost less to operate, despite what the detractors may say.  Most Americans drive less than 40 mile per day so EV’s make perfect sense as second cars.  Per census figures, statistically, the average American household owns more than two cars, so it would be logical that the second car be an electric car, for those local commutes, which is where the wear and tear (and pollution) on gasoline powered cars is the most severe, before the engine fully warms up.


Overall electric cars are clearly superior to their gasoline counterparts from the standpoint of simplicity, end user cost, environmental aspects, and performance.


The American auto-industry must retool and adapt, as this technology becomes prevalent and may be the only way to prevent a worldwide economic breakdown when fossil fuels expenses escalate.


The point of this website is to inform the visitor, so as to pave the way for widespread acceptance in the future.


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